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The GINA Award

for Outstanding Export Compliance

Each year beginning in 2009, Evolutions in Business has presented an award to the individual who achieved outstanding export compliance within their company, and to a corporation who demonstrated outstanding commitment and follow through to export compliance.

Previous GINA Award Winners

Nomination forms and criteria




  • John Dugger, Synchronous Aerospace Group, Helicomb International, OK


  • Ulvac Technologies 2012 Gina Award
  • Ulvac Technologies, Inc. driven by the efforts of: Susan Zilaro, Diane Hanley

Individual Award Honorable Mention

  • Geraldine St. Jean, Coghlin Companies, Columbia Tech, MA
  • Richard Schulman, Coghlin Companies, Columbia Tech, MA
  • Michele Lehtinen, Bruker Detection, MA
  • Patrick Kelly, General Kinetics (Active Shock), NH
  • Susan Zilaro, Ulvac Technologies, MA
  • Diane Hanley, Ulvac Technologies, MA
  • Stephanie Wiley, Senior Flexonics, TX
  • Rick Cote, Senior Flexonics Wahlco, ME
  • Naomi Kyle, Senior Aerospace Damar, WA
  • Doug Nelson, Senior Ketema, CA
  • Laurie Trimmer, Munters Corporation, MA
  • Carol Adams, Enviro Systems, Inc., OK

Corporate Honorable Mention

  • Senior Aerospace Metalbellows, Sharon, MA



  • Terri RhatiganTerri Rhatigan, Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows, Sharon, MA


  • Columbia TechnologiesColumbia Technologies, a Coghlin Company  Worcester, MA

Honorable mention:

  • Geraldine St Jean, Coghlin Companies, Columbia Tech, MA;
  • Richard Schulman, Coghlin Companies, Columbia Tech, MA;
  • Andrea Kokolis, General Kinetics (Active Shock) NH;
  • Patrick Kelly, General Kinetics (Active Shock) NH;
  • Mike Clarence, Metal Bellows A Senior Aerospace Co., MA;
  • Susan Zilaro, Ulvac Technologies, MA;
  • Diane Hanley, Ulvac Technologies, MA;
  • Shane Smith, Synchronous Aerospace Group, Helicomb International, OK;
  • Josh Gruenwald, Synchronous Aerospace Group, Brittain Machine, KS;
  • Christine Vershon, Senior Aerospace, Sterling Machine, CT;
  • Laurie Trimmer, Munters Corporation, MA



  • Valerie Kimber-RoyValerie Kimber-Roy of New England Wire and Technologies Lisbon, New Hampshire


  • AMT, a division of Senior Operations LLC Arlington, WA

Honorable mention:

  • Geraldine St Jean and Richard Schulman, Columbia Technologies, MA
  • Andrea Kokolis and Patrick Kelly, Active Shock, NH


First recipient of the annual GINA Award

Gina Johnson

Presented to: GINA Johnson of Dialogic Inc., NJ and Hyannis MA

Fran Fortin

Annual recipient of the 2009 GINA Award

Presented to: Fran Fortin of Wilcox Industries Corp. NH


First Corporate Recipient of the GINA Award

Presented to: WILCOX Industries of NH

For outstanding corporate commitment to compliance